Vivid-Pix is teaming with PFDD to Help our Injured Vets! 

Do Well, Doing Good – as a retired Air Force friend of Rick’s used to call it.

Since before Vivid-Pix sold its first software download, their plan was to work with and help those who help others:  Doing Good.  Doing Well allows good business people to spend time and money helping those Doing Good.  Vivid-Pix built their Affiliate Program to leverage partner’s reach to sell product – it pays 40% of the retail sale to the Affiliate.  Since they don’t want to burden the Affiliate with the donation to non-profits, the 10% donation to PFDD is automatic and does not effect the Affiliates profit share.  (BTW, as the father of an Active Duty officer in the Air Force, Rick also has a special place in his heart for our military.)

If you’re a PFDD Affiliate and you interested to find out more about the program, please drop Rick a note:  As they are currently completing a rebranding and launching some amazing new software it’s a great time to get involved.


Aside from helping out PFDD, the software is fantastic and very easy to use.  You will see tremendous improvement with just a couple of clicks.  I use this software with all my Digital Underwater Photography classes! - Jeff Currer, PADI Course Director and Executive Director for PFDD

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