This trip proved to me I can still do it. Along with that is an ability to build a team(Caroline, Hailey, & Toni), keep them motivated and give them an opportunity to experience new things(while helping an old beat up vet) what a pleasure to see them on their first ocean dives becoming more relaxed over time. They gave a lot, supported me in many ways... just the freshness of their conversations renewed me both emotionally and intellectually. I think it is a good model to match up youth and disabled veterans, it helped me!
As a side note, this trip helped me take some chances and I inquired with a San Diego dive company about working part-time remotely. I got a positive response.
I am refreshed, renewed, and optimistic to get back in the saddle. Diving has helped me realize I can still do it!

Jean-Paul Lauren,

Learning to dive has been a dream come true. When I am underwater, I am weightless. I am free; free of my injuries, free of sorrows, free to dream. The men and women of Patriots for Disabled Divers immediately made me feel comfortable, accepted, as part of their family. Their continued support and friendship has been unbelievable.

Ernie S,

Submerged in water makes everything topside magically disappear. For once none of my injuries worry me, and for the most part being underwater allows me to forget that I am disabled. If I can do this, then anyone can.

Dave W,

This program was phenomenal. It was more than just diving. The diving provided an ice-breaker for the Wounded Warrior Alumni that ultimately led to discussions over the dinner table regarding our experiences down range and how we deal with the long term effects of those experiences now. This was the beginning of the healing process.

Ron K,