I just found out about your program and wanted to reach out to you to say thank you for helping our veterans.  I am a retired Army veteran who struggles with PTSD.  I am also an avid diver and know first hand the benefits of diving I personally have experienced and how it helps me deal with my struggles.  I am currently a PADI Divemaster and DSD leader who is preparing to go through IDC and the IE.  I will be reaching out to a couple of your affiliates to see if it is possible for me to help them with the program.  I live in Atlanta and go to Tampa, FL on a regular basis so I will be talking to the folks in both locations.

Again, thank you very much for what you are doing and I hope I can help,

Neal Hamilton

"We are definitely going to miss you guys. Thanks to y'all we are 2 different Veterans. Our lives changed the moment we hit the water. Our marriage grew. We are now so much stronger. Something about being the quiet and the calm. That pressure on my body relieves my TBI. The pain in my body has lessened. I watched my once unsure husband become a confident diver. That first time he cleared his mask and almost surfaced can now dive without any fear. He now lives to dive again. The friends we met along this journey turned my husband from a quiet withdrawn CW2 into a social butterfly. He now talks to everyone. So many changes in such a little time. We are approaching our 100 dives. We love this so much we moved to Florida to be closer to dive opportunities. Thank you Jeff and Patriots for Disabled Divers for changing our lives one dive at a time. You will always be in our hearts. When we come home to visit our kids in Virginia we promise to stop by. Our mission is still to become certified so we can give back and help other warriors to know how scuba can change their lives like it did ours."
Tanya and Tony,

What diving has done for me…hmmmmm….alot, but I’m assuming you want specifics…lol

  1. It has gotten me outta this lousy chair!
  2. It has enabled me to participate in something that non-cripples also do.
  3. It’s also a great break in the day when I am able to forget that I am forever confined to a chair.
  4. PADI’s diving structure is very satisfying to a military pilot in terms of working toward continual goals and increased responsibilities/privileges.
  5. The physical advantages are incalculable for a paraplegic.

This is Rosie(Rocio Villanueva) I just got certified with Kym (Affiliate - Ocean Enterprises). I wanted to thank you Jeff and  Patriots For Disabled Divers.

From the bottom of my heart, thank you so much!  It is greatly appreciated!

Diving took the attention off my TBI headaches. Despite that getting cleared by my doctors was the hardest thing to do. My brain feels better when I am in the water. I don't know how to explain that lol. I feel super excited, yesterday I got to explore La Jolla canyon and it was incredible.